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Our teachers are trained to coach and guide the students in the process. We strive to help students building their future.

Students learn in a group and always speak Dutch with everyone in the classroom.

In addition to that, students should use the book website in order to gain more benefits from the course. There are a lot of assignments that should be done by the students.

To address complains

In case of any complains or deliberate negligence  in the performance of duty by any one of our team , or any one of our teachers, or a defect in the discipline in any lessons, please first try to solve this issue with the concerned person. If the problem can not be solved, please contact our department by sending an email to the Adams Academy Student Affairs Section at the following email address.

We will reply to your complains within three working days.
If three days have elapsed without any reply, please call the Voice Record

( +31 20 8080 373 ),

  . And record a voice message which include the subject of the complain and leave your phone number and your email address to get back to you sooner . 

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